The neuroanatomical correlates of thalassemia. Collaboration with John Wood (CHLA).

R21 with Armin Schwartzman (Harvard University), Paul Thompson (UCLA) and also in collaboration with Helene Nadeau (Dawson College, Montreal, Canada), Anand Joshi (USC), Caroline Brun (University of Pennsylvania): Project abstract: Tensor-Based Morphometry (TBM) is an increasingly popular method for group analysis of brain MRI and DTI data. The main steps in the analysis consist of a nonlinear registration to align each individual scan to a common space, and a subsequent statistical analysis to determine morphometric.

Collaboration with Yalin Wang (Arizona State University) and Ashok Panigrahy (Children's Hospital Pittsburgh)

Advances in neonatal medicine have greatly improved the odds of surviving preterm birth. However, prematurity is a risk factor for serious health complications, such as neurological and cardiovascular disorders. It is one of the leading causes of mental retardation in the United States.