Our mission

Computational Imaging of Brain Organization Research Group (CIBORG) laboratory specializes in mathematical and numerical methods to study brain anatomy and function though magnetic resonance imaging. These methods are applied to furthering our understanding of different neurological disorders, as well as normal and abnormal brain development. We span all ages from before birth at the fetal stages to elderly adults and every age in between. We have also been developing software to automate radiologists’ tasks and move the field from the current qualitative assessments to quantitative ones. Being a part of a nationally renowned hospital, we work with physicians on a day-to-day basis to ensure our software provides the most optimal solution to unmet clinical needs.

Volunteer opportunity!

We are looking for student volunteers for some of our projects. The projects that the student would be involved in pertain to studying brain anatomy in newborn from magnetic resonance data and in children with various brain disorders. 

Depending on the student's interest and level of experience, they could get involved in more technical or more biological aspects of the project. The laboratory is based at Children's Hospital Los Angeles, which is affiliated with USC.


Lab: 323-361-8726 Office: 323-361-6276

4650 W Sunset Blvd
MS#81 Los Angeles, CA 90027, USA